Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. München

Our Mission

Bauhaus Luftfahrt considers itself a bridge builder between science, industry, politics, and the public. Institutionally funded, we act independently and unbiased, but also carry the insights and findings from our outstanding research and industry network into public perception and discussion – far beyond the boundaries of the aviation industry. Our scientific results are openly accessible and always embedded in an overall context; we communicate the essence of complex problems and ensure that research statements are generally understandable and comparable. In close exchange with federal authorities, we thus support strategic decision-making in industry and politics.

Bauhaus Luftfahrt is the aviation think tank from Germany. We don’t just ask questions about tomorrow’s air transport. We provide scientifically based answers. Today. Our agile team, in mindset and methodology, of young researchers and postdocs allows quick access in different fields of competence (engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and economics). This flexibility and interdisciplinarity creates an overall system understanding and a combination capability that is unparalleled in the national and international aviation industry. We focus on major societal and ecological challenges of our time and identify long-term options for a sustainable and climate neutral air transport.

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