Aalto University

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About Aalto University

We shape a sustainable future – Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business

Aalto University

is where people who think differently bring the best out of each other. A place where imagination and theory meet practice and reality. A community to solve challenges most consider impossible.

Aalto was created with a mission to lead a way for a nation. To unite a diverse set of people through science, arts, technology and business. To create a better world by bringing quantum engineers, urban economists and fashion designers to collide and to elevate each other.

Our way is to accelerate curiosity and responsibility towards solving the biggest challenges in the world. For this task we offer an academic environment that reimagines the way a university operates.

We are inspirited through the radical creativity of our students and the entrepreneurial mindset of our community. We drive fundamental research and fuel sustainable growth. Make theories become solutions and prototypes become breakthroughs.

Our differences are the gravity that pulls us together and the chemistry that sparks us to action. Together we build beyond the status quo and always find a way forward.

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Aalto – an internationally unique concept

Aalto University is strongly future-oriented while, at the same time, building on the combined 300-year-history of three highly regarded universities. Only the best students and researchers are admitted to study and conduct research at Aalto University.

A student-centered culture that encourages people to passionately learn new things will be fostered at Aalto University. The new university will provide high-quality research and education and create an internationally attractive environment for learning and research.

Aalto University will focus its research on major global issues. New research environments often evolve into larger research programs or units through themes that require a cross-disciplinary approach.


Aalto University consists of six schools: the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, the School of Business, the School of Chemical Technology, the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Engineering, and the School of Science. Each school has a Dean, and an Academic Affairs Committee.

Foundation-based Aalto University

The Aalto University is a foundation based university. The capital of the university foundation was formed by donations of at least EUR 700 million. This capital was accumulated in stages between 2008-2010 by a Government donation of  EUR 500 million and donations of at least EUR 200 million from Finnish industries and other financiers.

Jobs from this employer

PhD Student Positions in Learning for Dynamics and Control, Robotics, and AI
Categories: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Engineering, PhD, Robotics,
Doctoral researcher position on Machine Learning for 6G
Categories: analytical skills, Machine Learning, Mathematics, PhD, Technical Background, Technical Mathematics,
Doctoral Researcher (PhD student) in the field of experimental condensed matter physics
Categories: Condensed Matter Physics, Applied Physics, Experimental skills, magnetism, PhD,
Doctoral Researchers in Mathematics, Operations Research, and Statistics
Categories: Applied Mathematics,, Mathematics, Operations Research, PhD, Statistics,
Doctoral Researcher in the area of Nanophotonics / Electromagnetics
Categories: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mathematics, nanoscience, Optics, Physics,